Combat Obscura

COMBAT OBSCURA is a groundbreaking look at daily life in a war zone as told by the Marines themselves. More than a mere compilation of violence, the edit ingeniously repurposes the original footage to reveal the intensity and paradoxes of an ambiguous war from an unvarnished perspective. Miles and I would meet and discuss the direction of the film at length. We were working with hundreds of hours of footage shot over two different time periods and there were many angles we could take. Miles himself had edited the first cut of the film when I was brought in on the project. I was tasked with revising the next two cuts of the film in advance of screenings with buyers and distributers. The film was picked up by Oscilloscope in 2018 for a 2019 theatrical/VOD release. Jessica Duffield of Vox wrote “The beauty of this film is its realness” while James Clarke of Task and Purpose wrote “One of the most genuine looks at what the forever war was like for those who waged it.”


In 2018, Dairygold launched its “Make a Minute” campaign, a charitable campaign which was focused on the act of ‘Micro-volunteering’. Dairygold had created an app that facilitated Micro-volunteering, where one could log on when they had a few spare minutes and provide aid. An example of this would be the “Be My Eyes” charity, you could log on to the app and provide assistance to a blind person through the camera function on their phone.

I was tasked with directing a number of advertisement for his campaign, most notably, a round up video which featured various individuals that used the app. The aim of the video was to portray the positive effect that the app had on the users. The video featured interviews with individuals from “Be My Eyes”, “Count Flowers For Bees” and “The Cheetah Conservation Fund”. The videos ran on Facebook, Instagram and the Make a Minute Website”.

Paddy Power

Since Summer of 2018 I’ve directed a number of videos for Paddy Power for their PPTV outlet and their social media platforms. These videos range from shooting three camera set-ups in a studio setting to on location shoots. I’ve worked with a range of pundits and notable athletes in these videos from Simon Zebo to Ruby Walsh and Paul Ince. The majority of the content plays across over six thousand screens throughout six hundred locations in Ireland. The videos range from pundit videos where athletes and broadcasters give their predictions for upcoming sporting events to promotional videos about upcoming festivals and giveaways.

Thrivent International

In 2016 I directed two branded videos for Thrivent International, a Fortune 500 not for profit financial service organisation. The videos were sponsored content that would appear across various social media pages, they focused on the difficulty of road tripping with small children. The videos were shot on location on Long Island in New York, I was responsible for preparing a shot list, directing the location shoots and overseeing the post-production process. The videos accumulated over two million views across social media pages.