The Banshee (2019)

The Banshee is a short concept horror film that is starting its festival run in Spring 2019. The film is set on an island off the west coast of Ireland during an undetermined time period. The locals of the island are huddled in the local pub during a windy night, and are fearful that the cursed Banshee has returned to the island to claim one of them again. Many of the locals are in denial of the existence of this creature, but Agnes, an older resident of the island, is adamant of her existence and scolds all of the doubting men in the pub. She claims that the Banshee only targets abusive men, so anybody not guilty of that sin will have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, Máire, a young married woman is alone in her cottage. Her husband Darragh thrashed the cottage and struck her before tearing off into the night. Máire is both fearful for and of her husband and she prays for him, but will he ever return? Darragh is out on the road but he is convinced someone or something is following him…
The short film serves as a prequel to the Banshee feature script that I wrote in 2018. The film made its debut at the Paris Short Film Festival in May 2019, where it won Best Horror Short.

Cast and Crew

Caoilfhionn McDonnellAgnes
Peadar CoxNed
Aidan O'SullivanPádraig
Tatiana SzpurMáire
Eoghan ReganDarragh
Jamie DonnellyThe Banshee

Donncha GilmoreDirector
PJ MoloneyProducer
Gearóid GilmoreProducer
Josh ReichentalComposer
Darragh (Eoghan Regan) reacts to the otherworldly screams of the Banshee.
Ned (Peadar Cox) looks on in a shot from The Banshee.
SFX makeup from artist Michael Browne.